年度 论文名称
2016 Han-Hsing Lee, Distress Risk, Product Market Competition, and Corporate Bond Yield Spreads,
2015 Media Monitoring and Government Banks, WEI International Academic Conference in Boston , 美国波士顿,
2015 Yeh, Yin-Hua, Pei-Gi Shu and Yi-Tzu Hung, “Revisiting the Diversification Discount”, The 23rd Annual Conference on Pacific Basin Finance, Economics, Accounting, and Management, Hochiminh City, Vietnam,
2015 Chang, L.-F., J.-H. Guo, and M.-W. Hung, A Generalization of the Recursive Integration Method for the Analytic Valuation of American Options, The 22th Annual Meeting of the Multinational Finance Society, Halkidiki, Greece, 会议论文
2015 Guo, J.-H., L.-F. Chang, and M.-W. Hung, Limit Hits and Informationally Related Stocks, The 2015 EFMA conference, Amsterdam, Netherland, 会议论文
2015 Pei-Gi Shu, Yin-Hua Yeh and Chao-Ting Chen, What Do Board Members Learn from their External Connectedness? The Case of Firm Diversification, ICEF 2015- 17th International Conference on Economics and Finance, Berlin, Germany,
2015 Alex YiHou Huang and Chiao-Ming Cheng, Information risk and price continuation,
2015 Alex YiHou Huang and Chiao-Ming Cheng, Characteristics of conflicts of interest in stock recommendations,
2014 The Benefits of Firms Holding Bank Shares on Bank Loans: Evidence from the Global Financial Crisis, 22nd Conference on the Theories and Practices of Securities and Financial Markets, 高雄,
2014 Founding Family Firm and Bank Loan Contract, International Business Research, Economics, Finance and MIS Conference, 日本冲绳,