Dr. Min-Teh Yu
Chair Professor
Job title Chair Professor
Name Dr. Min-Teh Yu
Office Tel No. 03-5731883
Email mtyu@nctu.edu.tw
Fax 03-5729915
office Room 404, Management Building 1
Research expertise Financial Institutions; Risk Management and Insurance; Derivatives Markets.
Education PhD, Ohio State University
Year Paper Title
2017 C. W Chang, E. M.-H. Lin, Y. Zhao, and M.T. Yu, Interconnectedness, Non-core Activities, and Systemic Risk in Insurance Sectors: Evidence from Taiwan, International Review of Economics and Finance, (SSCI)
2017 E. M.H. Lin, E. W. Sun, and M.T. Yu, Systemic Risk, Financial Markets, and Performance of Financial Institutions in Taiwan, Annals of Operation Research, (SCI)
2017 C. -C. Chang and M.T. Yu, Bank Contingent Capital: Valuation and Market Discipline, Journal of Financial Services Research, (SSCI)
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2013 (Others)
2013 (SSCI)
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Country School Name Department Degree
U.S.A. Ohio State University PhD
Taiwan National Taiwan University BA
Organization Title Department Job Title
Financial Engineering Association of Taiwan President
Taiwan Risk and Insurance Association President
Honor Category Year Award Name Awarding Unit
Outside School Honor 2012 Kwol-Ting Li's Management Award Chinese Management Associate
Outside School Honor 2010 Benemerenti Medal Pope Benedict XVI
Outside School Honor 2005 Shin Research Excellent Award The Geneva Association and the International Insurance Society
Outside School Honor 2005 NSC Project Incentive Award NSC
Outside School Honor 2001 Distinguished Research Award Yuan Ze University
Outside School Honor 2000 Distinguished Research Award National Science Council
Outside School Honor 1997 MacKay Canadian Studies Faculty Research Award Canadian Trade
Outside School Honor 1997 Distinguished Research Award National Science Council
Outside School Honor 1995 Distinguished Teaching Award Ministry of Education, Taiwan
Outside School Honor 1995 Research Article Award College of Management, National Central University
Outside School Honor 1994 Research Award National Science Council